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How To Grow Oregano Microgreens

Oregano, also known as wild marjoram, is a part of the mint family. Many people mistake oregano microgreens for marjoram microgreens; however, they are both different. The pungent flavor and delicate leaves pair wonderfully with Italian dishes, soups, and more. There aren't many microgreen growers who choose to grow oregano microgreens. One of the reasons […]

Best Coco Coir For Microgreens

When you shop for coco coir, you will often find it in dense blocks. When warm water is added to the compressed coco coir, it greatly expands becoming a light, fluffy growing medium. Coco coir is a neutral pH, a fine-grained growing medium that is a perfect choice for microgreen growers. What Is Coco Coir? […]

How To Grow Parsley Microgreens

Growing parsley microgreens is extremely rewarding. These tasty microgreens are easy to grow. However, these microgreens take a little longer to be ready to harvest than other microgreens, but they are worth the wait. Parsley microgreens are filled with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The antioxidants […]

Are Microgreens Good For Chickens

Homesteading continues to grow in popularity. Homesteads oftentimes include growing gardens and raising chickens. It is no surprise that more people are choosing this lifestyle. It allows you to grow healthy foods and spend time outdoors. Chickens are loved by families across America. One way to guarantee that your chickens are happy and healthy is […]

Best Temperature To Grow Microgreens

Whether you are new to growing microgreens or have been growing them for some time, you probably have questions concerning how to optimize your growing efforts. If you are trying to determine the best temperature to grow microgreens, you have come to the right place. Think about the last time you visited a greenhouse or […]

How To Grow Pea Microgreens

Pea microgreens taste very similar to full-grown peas. They are similar to the sweet-tasting snow peas that everyone loves. Pea microgreens are anti-inflammatory microgreens that are loaded full of vitamins and minerals. Pea microgreens have been shown to improve cardiovascular health, regulate blood glucose levels, and aid in weight loss. Peas grow in stages. Right […]

Most Common Microgreens

If you are new to microgreen gardening, you may be wondering what the most common microgreens are. This information can be especially important if you will be selling your microgreens. Although there is no definitive answer, there are a few things you should consider before you begin growing microgreens. Easy to Grow Whether you are […]

Can Rabbits Eat Microgreens?

A rabbit is an herbivore, which means it only eats plants. A rabbit's diet usually consists of vegetables, leafy weeds, hay, and grass. Rabbits may also occasionally eat vegetables, fruits, and nuts. The stomach of a rabbit contains a type of bacteria that creates enzymes that breaks down the plant fibers. Rabbits should never eat […]

How To Grow Popcorn Microgreens

 Do you love popcorn? Would you love to be able to enjoy the deliciousness of popcorn and reap the benefits of microgreens? Now you can, thanks to the popcorn microgreen seeds available at True Leaf Market. Popcorn microgreens are some of the sweetest microgreens you will ever have the privilege of tasting. Popcorn microgreens are […]

Can Kids Eat Microgreens?

One of the biggest complaints parents have is getting their children to eat and enjoy healthy, nutritious foods. Choosing nutrient-dense foods that your child will eat can be difficult. One of the easiest ways to ensure your child is getting the nutrients they need for proper growth and development is to incorporate microgreens into their […]
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