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Microgreens Benefits

A recently published scientific study to pin down what gourmet food experts and nutritionists have mentioned repeatedly about the seedlings of green vegetables and herbs. Microgreens deliver delicious food in a practical fashion – often packing enough nutrition inside them to deserve being called superfoods. Microgreens can provide crunch and flavor to dishes or be […]

Most Popular Microgreens For Chefs

Chefs are constantly updating their menus to create something new and vibrant for their patrons' palette. They add microgreens for various reasons- the taste, appearance, and of course, health benefits. Besides, microgreens go well in salads, soups, smoothies, drinks, sandwiches, and even garnishes. It’s because they boast unique flavors that spice up any dish while […]

Are Microgreens Good For You?

Microgreens, also known as vegetable confetti, are tiny versions of leafy vegetables and herbs. They are grown in the same manner as other vegetables and plants and shouldn't be confused with sprouts. They are specifically seedlings harvested in their primary stage of growth. You get them from seeds of various plants like cabbage, broccoli, and […]

How To Prevent Mold Growing On Microgreens

It has happened to most of us. About six days into the microgreens growing there is mold growing along with the nutritious and scrumptious microgreens. This really puts a bad taste in your mouth (pun intended) and makes you want to stop growing microgreens. Don't stop growing them, let's just learn how to prevent mold […]

Best Trays For Microgreens

I have bought and used many trays for microgreens and I have found that I tend to use the same ones again and again because they are easy to handle and overall better than the rest. The goal of this article is to show you the best trays for microgreens but also share with you […]

How To Grow Wheatgrass Microgreens

Wheatgrass occupies an exclusive position among health food options – it is known as a superfood, with many therapeutic as well as nutritional values. An antioxidant, wheatgrass has substantial antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-toxin properties. It can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and arthritis, improve energy, metabolism, and cognitive functions, boost your immune system and improve digestion. […]

Microgreens Vs. Sprouts

Did you know that sprouts and microgreens are different versions of the same plant at different development stages? Did you know that sprouts are younger than microgreens and that microgreens add both nutrition and flavor to dishes? If you didn't, don't worry. It's not only you. Many people use these two terms interchangeably, thinking they are […]

How To Grow Radish Microgreens

Have you ever bit into a sushi roll and tasted a burst of bright and spicy greens? Those were probably radish microgreens and they are super easy to grow! Better yet, microgreens are a great addition to your diet as they pack in up to 40 times the nutrients per ounce when compared to the […]

How To Grow Broccoli Microgreens

A recently published study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry has confirmed what dieticians and nutrition scientists have been saying for a while – microgreens pack four to forty times more nutritional punch than the mature versions of the same plant or herb. Microgreens are seedlings of edible green vegetables or herbs typically […]

Easiest Microgreens To Grow

If you are new to growing microgreens then you may be wondering what are the easiest microgreens to grow. I am asked this questions often in the comments of my microgreens photos posted on social media. There are a few microgreens that I would suggest a new grower to begin with and here they are. […]
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