How To Grow Basil Microgreens

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May 15, 2021

Have you ever thought about growing basil microgreens? These microgreens are extremely easy to grow and filled with vitamins and minerals. Basil microgreens contain four times the amount of nutrients that a mature basil plant does including vitamins A, B6, C, E, and K and minerals calcium, copper, iron magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and zinc.

Basil microgreens provide several health benefits including antibacterial and anti-inflammatory protection. These microgreens also help strengthen your bones, regulate your hormones, and aid in blood clotting and red blood cell formation.

Basil microgreens are one of the slowest growing microgreens on the market; however, they will still be ready in just a few weeks. Furthermore, just like other microgreens, very little growing equipment is needed.

Growing microgreens from your home is super easy and you can get your first harvest within as little as 10 days depending on the type of microgreen you are growing.

Basil Microgreens Profile

Flavor:Basil is a delicious herb that contains hints of mint, pepper, and anise.
Presoak: (yes or no)No
ColorBasil comes in a variety of colors.
Germination TimeGermination takes approximately 5 to 7 days.
Harvest TimeReady for harvest in approximately 12 to 30 days.
Green Thumb Level: (how easy or hard to grow 1 to 5 scale)2-3 – Basil is easy to grow when you follow the growing instructions.

Basil microgreens are easy to grow; however, it does take some patience as certain varieties can take up to 30 days to be ready for harvest. Basil microgreens come in a variety of colors and flavors. They can be added to soups, salads, and garnishes for your dishes.

Basil Microgreens

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions concerning basil microgreens.

Can Basil Microgreens Regrow After Harvest?

Basil microgreens cannot regrow after harvest. There are only a few microgreens that will grow after harvest if at least one healthy leaf remains. After you have harvested your basil microgreens, compost the remaining stems and roots and replant our basil microgreens.

How Fast Do Basil Microgreens Grow?

It depends on the variety; however, you can expect a harvest between 12 and 30 days after planting.

Equipment Needed to Grow Basil Microgreens

Growing basil microgreens is simple when the proper materials and equipment are used. The most important pieces needed include the correct soil for microgreens, the proper growing trays, and a high-quality band of organic microgreen seeds.

Starter Kits for Basil Microgreens

Starter kits for herbs like this one can be used to grow microgreens, simply follow our directions and harvest before true leaves begin forming.

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit | 4 Non-GMO Herbs | Beginner Friendly | DIY Kitchen Herbs Growing Kit | Wooden Box | Perfect Gift Idea | Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Chives
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  • 🌱 NO GREEN THUMB? – We also included extra seeds, so you can try again if you do not obtain success immediately. Our instruction booklet contains detailed and illustrated step by step instructions which makes seed starting easy. Our herb garden kit is beginner friendly.

Specific Equipment for Growing Basil Microgreens

If you opt to purchase your items individually rather than buying a starter kit, you will need the following:

Growing Medium – Your basil microgreens need soil that is fine-grained and drains properly to ensure the roots grow evenly without intertangling.

Black Gold SUGRBG16QT 1402040.Q16U Qt U 16 Quart All Organic Potting Soil
  • Ideal for all container-grown flowers, herbs and vegetables
  • Enriched with earthworm castings, perlite, pumice and organic fertilizer
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  • 16 quart bag
  • Packaging may vary

Another growing option is coconut coir like this one:

MOTHER EARTH Coco Plus Perlite Mix - For Indoor and Outdoor Container Gardens, Provides Strong Aeration & Drainage, 70% Coconut Coir, Resists Compaction, 50 Liter
  • Mother Earth Coco + Perlite is a great alternative to potting soil as it enables gardeners to aggressively feed and not worry about over-watering
  • Use Mother Earth Coco + Perlite with indoor and outdoor container gardens
  • Achieve better aeration and drainage with a mix that incorporates 70% of the finest coconut coir and 30% perlite
  • Plant directly in Mother Earth Coco + Perlite
  • Coconut coir resists compaction and last longer in a container (vs traditional growing media)

Growing Trays – To properly grow microgreens, you will need microgreen trays. You want shallow trays with drainage holes. This type of trays will allow you to water your microgreens from the bottom. The holes allow water to be pulled up by the roots and reduce the risk of disease and mold. Our favorite trays are these:

10 Plant Growing Trays (with Drain Holes) - 20" x 10" - Perfect Garden Seed Starter Grow Trays: for Seedlings, Indoor Gardening, Growing Microgreens, Wheatgrass & More - Soil or Hydroponic
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Misting Spray Can – Misting is vital to proper germination. A simple mister like this one will work great:

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Light Source – Microgreens require light. If you are growing your microgreens indoors, you will want to purchase a grow light to ensure your microgreens grow uniformly. A standard grow light like this one will work:

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Planting Rack – If you will be growing multiple types of microgreens, you may want to use a rack to minimize the space required for microgreen gardening. You can retrofit your rack with grow lights to help maximize your harvest. Choose a rack like this one:

Amazon Basics 4-Shelf Adjustable, Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Unit (350 lbs loading capacity per shelf), Steel Organizer Wire Rack, Black (36L x 14W x 54H)
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Basil Microgreens Seeds

The most important thing needed to grow delicious and nutritious basil microgreens is high-quality seeds. There are numerous types of basil seeds that you can use. Choosing a Non-GMO, preferably organic, seed from True Leaf Market will give you excellent microgreens. Try one of these varieties:

Red Rubin Basil

Dark purple leaves and stems make this the perfect microgreen for salads. This beautiful basil boasts a delightful fragrance and a spicy kick to your dishes.

Red Rubin Microgreen Seeds

Colorful Basil Microgreens Mix

Can’t decide on which basil to purchase? Our colorful mix will allow you to easily grow several basil microgreens together, providing you with a variety of flavors, colors, and textures.

Colorful Basil Microgreen Seeds

Anise Basil

Anise basil microgreens incorporate zesty, licorice flavors with bountiful nutrients. The delicate green is a great garnish for fish and chicken dishes.

Anise Basil Microgreen Seeds

Dark Opal Basil

Beautiful dark purple and vibrant green leaves on translucent stems make this variety a favorite. Dark Opal combines the delightful flavor of Thai basil and large leaf basil.

Dark Opal Basil Microgreen Seeds

Sweet Organic Basil

Sweet basil is similar to the Genovese bail; however, it has notes of clove and anise. Sweet basil is light green on green stems.

Sweet Organic Basil Microgreen Seeds

Thai Basil

Thai basil is known for its basil flavoring with a hint of licorice/anise. This tender basil is used in Asian and Thai dishes.

Thai Basil Microgreen Seeds

Cinnamon Basil

This beautiful basil features green leaves with faint hints of bronze on its stems. Cinnamon basil features the classic basil flavor with a touch of spicy licorice flavoring.

Cinnamon Basil Microgreen Seeds

Genovese Basil

Genovese basil features delicate green leaves on translucent green stems. The intense basil flavor allows you to quickly spice up your favorite dish.

Genovese Basil Microgreen Seeds

Lettuce Leaf Basil

Heirloom lettuce leaf basil is sweet basil hailing from Japan. The bright green leaves are popular in both Asian dishes and salads.

Lettuce Leaf Basil Microgreen Seeds

Italian Large Leaf Basil

Italian large leaf basil features a lemony-sweet flavor, making it a delightful heirloom choice. Italian large leaf basil is easy-to-grow basil that loves warmth and sunlight.

Italian Large Leaf Basil Microgreen Seeds

Growing Basil Microgreens

Below is the step-by-step process to follow to ensure you reap a large basil microgreens crop. Read the guide and then start growing basil microgreens.

No Soaking Required

Basil microgreen seeds do not need to be presoaked.

Planting Basil Microgreens

Prepare your growing tray with holes and place it in a growing tray with no holes. You will need approximately 2 tablespoons of basil seeds for each 10 inch by 20 inch tray.

  • Fill Your Tray – Fill your tray with holes approximately ¾ full of either soil or coconut coir. Gently crush the soil through your fingertips to break up the clumps. Use your fingers to gently spread across the trays.
  • Smooth the Soil – Use another tray to gently press the soil to flatten it out to ensure even seed distribution. Mist your soil three times using your mister to efficiently wet the soil.
  • Spread Seed – You want to ensure that your seeds are evenly spread over the entire surface of the soil. You will need around 2 tablespoons of basil seeds for each tray.
  • No Need to Water – Unlike other seeds that require additional watering, basil seeds do not require any extra watering. The seed will absorb the water from the soil in the tray, which is why it is essential that you thoroughly water the soil first. When the seeds are exposed to water, they develop a gel sack that surrounds the seeds. Basil seeds will not need water through the germination process. It will take your seeds between 2 and three days to see the first signs of germination. During germination, your seeds do not need to be covered. Covering your seeds will slow down the germination process.

Growing and Caring for Basil Microgreens

Once you see germination signs, you should mist the seeds daily. Avoid watering from the body as this will cause your seeds to rise and clump together with other seeds due to the gel around the seeds. Gently misting your seeds will prevent your seeds from moving and the gel from being disturbed.

Continue misting daily until your microgreens grow 2 to 3 inches tall. It will take 15 to 30 days for your basil microgreens to be ready for harvest.

Harvesting Basil Microgreens

Basil microgreens should be harvested when they reach approximately 2 to 3 inches tall. Follow these tips to ensure you maximize your harvest.

  • Harvest above the roots – Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the tops off your basil microgreens just above the soil level. Cutting slightly above the soil level will reduce the risk of mold.
  • Clean cool water – Place your harvested basil microgreens in a bowl filled with cool water. Then, lie them on a dry towel and allow them to dry.
  • Compost – The soil and roots cannot be reused; therefore place your cut plants and roots into compost.

The amount of harvest will be dependent on the germination rate of your seeds and how densely you sowed your seeds. Purchasing high-quality seeds from a provider like will ensure a larger harvest.

Storing and Shipping Basil Microgreens

Place your microgreens in an airtight container or bag and place them in the refrigerator. This will allow them to stay fresh for approximately one week. If you plan to sell your basil microgreens use lightweight plastic containers to package your greens.

Final Thoughts

Basil microgreens are delicious and nutritious. They are easy to grow and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. You do not need a lot of equipment. All you need are growing trays with and without holes, a misting bottle, soil, seed, and light to grow a bountiful harvest of basil microgreens.

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